It’s a charade and the scapegoat is relationships


It’s a charade and the scapegoat is relationships.It’s increasingly a society that marks love, marriage, bonds, education, accomplishments, even art by its financial returns. Where is your yearning to rush and share a romantic secret with a close friend? Would you rather boast about your love by sharing a ‘perfect photo’ on Facebook? Even if it’s not even true?All this might seem like an exaggeration, but I’m not sure if it is anymore. Most cannot even pronounce Champs-Élysées or Saint-Germain-des-Prés, but claim they are their weekend getaway from Mumbai. If five years ago LV was the monogram de rigueur, then today the different colours of the Hermes and the intricate insects of Gucci are like bandmasters in a line-up with their ‘badge’ of acceptance. You have to have one.”Though men like to think that this is a women driven affair, it is not so. Mail her at nishajamvwal@gmail. The men stand at the bar boasting about their millions when the truth is more about debt restructuring and bankruptcy.

As the society ‘doyen’ enters, a veiled scrutiny of appraisal awaits her coiffure, dress, shoes and even the logo on the handbag. Men too sum up social worth with their own parameters — the whiskey they serve, cigar sources, watches and pens and a stable of cars or horses and the properties. They’re equally happy to qualify into society’s ‘snob set’, read ‘showoff set’ and equally insecure about losing their footing, because ‘society’ can quite nonchalantly drop you when the bank balance dips. The celebration is at Wasabi. While the women compare handbags and diamonds, the branded ware is often borrowed, bought from pre-used websites or is just an imitation from the far-east.There is an exclusive ladies lunch China digital printing velvet factory for twenty. Never mind that the night’s hero surreptitiously slides the raw sashimi slices under the table covers and gags over sea weed.The writer is a columnist, designer and brand consultant.Little four-year-old Goldie won a cup in the sack race at school. Recently at a holiday in Turkey, on a table adjacent to me I saw a family of four, each immersed in their new high tech phone.

Further there are limited editions, collectors series, high end acquisitions, cars, yachts, penthouses, holiday homes in the Mont Blanc, private jets and the stakes just get If the dessert has to be red velvet or macaroons flown in from Sprungli, then so be it! In a society of discontent, with people climbing and swallowing each other like snakes and ladders, friendships and companionships for the sake of a coffee or a movie are soon fading into the past like the Ambassador, landline phones and tape recorders. A friend while catching a Merlot with me at the bar once confided, “My wife is happiest getting me all dressed up in branded wear and labels, from head to toe and parading me around — I quite feel like a monkey. I saw no love, bonding, companionship, conversation or laughter. You can pine for the moon and even get it but Silky Sood has already gotten Mars!Society even tells you what to eat

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The second photo was a more intimate shot


It was the same one worn by Archie’s cousins George, Charlotte and Louis. The most famous piece of royal Cartier jewellery is the Halo tiara that Kate Middleton wore to her wedding in 2011. It is the replica of the cascading ivory Honiton lace gown which was used for the baptism of all royal babies since the time of Queen Victoria. Through this gesture, Kate kept Diana’s memory alive in the official pictures. Its replica, made by dressmaker to the Queen Angela Kelly, has been used on royal babies from 2008. A surprise inclusion in the official photo was Princess Diana’s two sisters Lady Jane Fellowes and Lady Sarah McCorquodale. The ceremony was officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at the Private Chapel in Windso Castle. Here are some of them:Meghan’s Cartier earringsMeghan, Duchess of Sussex wore these earrings to her royal wedding in 2018.Location of the official photos Archie’s christening official portraits were taken in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, the same place where a few of Harry and Meghan’s official wedding photos were taken post their wedding in St.

They were the same pair Diana wore in 1984.(Photo: Instagram)Another wonderful coincidence, or maybe planned, was the green sofa set warp knitting fabric factory in the Green Drawing Room on which the pictures were taken.Kate’s Collingwood pearl earringsPrincess Diana wore one of her most favoured pieces of jewellery to the christening of Prince Harry- her Collingwood pearl earrings.The Sussex’s released two photos from the event on their Instagram handle.(Photo: Instagram)The original gown was born by 62 royal babies, including Prince Harry, from 1841 to 2008..Historical christening gownThe christening gown that Archie wore has a long history behind it.(Photo: Instagram)Cartier has long been providing jewellery to the Royal Family since they opened up a shop in London on 1902. She has since then refrained from wearing these earrings publicly.Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was baptised to the Church of England on July 6, 2019, at the age of two months.(Photo: Instagram)Kate is often seen wearing Diana’s jewellery, including the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, the sapphire drop earrings and most recently, the South Sea diamond and pearl earrings.

The second photo was a more intimate shot of Meghan, Harry and Archie on the grounds of Winsor Castle. George’s Chapel. These Cartier Galanterie de Cartier studs are made of diamonds and white gold. This was another significant way of tying together the two events. It is the same location where the Royal Family gathered to celebrate Harry’s christening in 1984 as well as the location of the official photos from that event. She once again wore these diamond studs for her son’s christening, thus subtly tying the two events together. Kate, in a wonderful tribute to her late mother-in-law, wore the Collingwood pearl earrings to Archie’s christening. The first one was a family photo, including Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate and Meghan’s mom Doria. These earrings have since been often seen on Kate, and seem to be one of her favourite pieces as well.Several details were spotted in the photos that were subtle tributes to various historical facts

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Love story being the core premise of Mukkabaaz


Love story being the core premise of Mukkabaaz, Anurag packs a punch with its subtext of boxing. The film is definitely a milder version of the director, but there is not a dull moment in the movie either. Shravan falls in love with Bhagwandas’s niece Sunaina (Zoya Hussain) who is unable to speak by birth. Shravan’s life changes upside down when Bhagwandas asks him to choose between his passion and love.Rating: Director: Anurag KashyapCast: Vineet Kumar Singh, Zoya Hussain, Jimmy Sheirgill, Ravi Kishan, Sadhna Singh and othersWith his last two duds Bombay Velvet (2015) and Raman Raghav 2. Spending nearly two years on this film, Vineet surely shines bright and is on his way to attain star status with this one. His ripped body and one-liners are an absolute treat. The director is back with yet another engaging story which is the journey of a rising boxer who meets challenges to achieve name and fame. Most likely based on a true story, Mukkabaaz is a well-knitted tale of love, passion and revenge.0 (2016), writer-director Anurag Kashyap has been clearly made industry’s question mark.Shravan Kumar Singh (Vineet Singh), an uneducated lower caste guy from Bareilly aspires to become a top-class boxer.

Written by Anurag and Vineet himself, Mukkabaaz packs a solid punch with its gripping narrative and spellbinding dialogues. He is a self-proclaimed goon of the city who uses his muse Shravan for his personal favours and in return, sanctions his dream sofa fabric to become a boxer.Bhagwandas Mishra (Jimmy Sheirgill), a brash ex-boxer heads the boxing committee for youth. He makes you feel disgusted about him as an evil goon.Hardcore Anurag Kashyap fans may be a bit disappointed with its happy ending and moreover, less of blood bath unlike his films. Book you tickets now!.Debutante Zoya Hussain is clearly a winner in the role of a mute individual. She seems to be more natural than deliberate. Ravi Kishan delivers a wonderful supporting role in his brief part. Tagged as one of the most intelligent directors of our country, Anurag saw a lull after his form of storytelling didn’t create a spark with the audience. What he chooses is what the film all about?Vineet Kumar Singh delivers an honest performance and is devoted to his role. Though Mukkabaaz is not as dark as his genre, the overall treatment is edgy and thrilling alongside the universal appeal.

Nadiya Ke Paar fame actress Sadhna Singh is good in the role of a meek and helpless mother. The highlight of the film is its soundtrack that pushes the story ahead with its satirical words, including the track Paintra by Nucleya with boxer boys on the banks of Ganges in Banaras. He lives a miserable life with his nagging old father Vijay Singh (Rajesh Tailang), a submissive mother, who is controlled by her husband’s bureaucracy, and a loving younger sister who ensures his brother focuses on his dream. Jimmy Sheirgill embraces the film with utmost dedication throughout.In a country where sportsmen struggle for respect, Mukkabaaz is also about the neglecting phase of boxing in small towns

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Now you can have your cake and eat it too and


This futon couch transforms into a bed for when a guest comes knockingMyriad UsesFabrento has an infinite queen size bed with wardrobe, storage and bookshelves. Our Honeybee Center table is inspired by honeybees and these hexagonal blocks are a perfect blend of design and utility. You can use them as a center table or as a side table. This means two entirely different users can buy a similar piece without it being identical. Geetansh Bamania, Founder and CEO, RentoMojo adds, “The ease of converting the furniture from one form to the other depends on manufacturing designs and cost.. With the right space-saving furniture, you can convert a room into two, if not three distinct living spaces with easy configuration changes. Again it is important that the furniture can be used easily and does not require much effort to convert it from one form to the other. RentoMojo for instance has a Cheshire Sofa that doubles up as a comfortable bed for two, a Caramel Coffee Table that has four stools which can provide snug seating and will also fit under the table conveniently, a Poise Dining Set that comes with two metal chairs and a table large enough to accommodate an extra chair and a Robin Futon Red Large that can be used as a lounger, a bed and a sofa. The core belief is not just in the product but in the idea of multi-functionality.When you are doing up a home, a key criteria is space — well, after all it helps you decide what you can add and what you need to discount when it comes to home décor.”Trend CheckCustomisable storage units like hydraulic beds and sofas, murphy beds or pull-down beds and study tables are seeing a renewed demand. “Vertical space saving concept is also trending. Also, you can store scattered home items in them by simply opening the cover on top.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too and we tell you just how. This helps you save the space in terms of the depth of the rack, thereby maximising the vertical space instead of the horizontal space,” adds Choudhry. HomeLane’s space saving furniture comes under the label, ‘Latitude’, which is all about space saving and multi-functionality.” Space saving furniture comes with an added aspect of storage which is a key factor when people invest in them.Options GaloreSofas that double up as beds, study table and chair that can be folded away, and beds that can be stood up against the wall, are among the most popular space saving furniture. The shift has been from being functional to being multi-functional. Our study table range has foldable study tables with storage and guest study tables that can be turned into beds and our coffee tables range has coffee-cum-laptop table and coffee table with hidden extra seating,” says Tanuj Choudhry, Chief Business Officer, HomeLane. Up-cycling is also another important trend where the China digital printing velvet manufacturers items are re-used and repurposed particularly aesthetically to give furniture a new life. This segment is witnessing strong demand in metros, owing to a lot of young working professionals moving to and from cities and looking at suitable and convenient options of furniture that could be accommodated in small living spaces. A simple example is a shoe rack that lets you drop your shoes vertically into a rack instead of placing them horizontally. And yes it can also help you do up your home in more ways than one - now that is a win-win situation. These are so sturdy that it can also serve as perfect sitting stool and for parties along with your friends,” says Sidhant Lamba, Founder, Fabrento. 

“The infinite collection has both sturdiness along with a uniquely modern and chic day design that comes with a combination of smart and inbuilt wardrobe storage space and an open sofa-cum-bed can work as seating during the daytimeInfact, you can use these kinds of furniture to convert bedrooms to full-fledged living rooms or office spaces and living rooms that can alter into dining areas or a cozy guest bedroom. Sustainability is both a need and a growing trend where the use of renewable materials like bamboo are slowly and steadily making their way to being mainstream. “In our bed range we have wall beds, wall beds with sofas and additional storage, sofa-cum-beds, and beds that can be stood up against the wall and be used as whiteboards (for kids). Saket Sethi, Founder, Archilogics Design and Archilogics Barcelona adds, “The use of newer materials like 3D printing and new technologies like CNC and laser cutting allow designers to engage in mass customisation of options, both aesthetically and in-form. Some manufacturers have introduced hydraulics in order for the user to be able to convert larger objects such as cots and sofas into other forms, with little effort. However, there are several furniture companies that are giving you options where you can use furniture in different ways as well as designing the furniture in such a way that it saves space

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The company said it was likely to open more stores


.IKEA had initially planned to open 25 stores across the nation by 2025.UrbanClap charges customers about 250 rupees (USD 3. The overall furniture market, though, remains largely dominated by unorganized retail and local vendors.64) for a 30-minute carpentry job. IKEA has so far only said it will charge more than UrbanClap if its in-house assemblers do the job. In comparison, sales in India’s homeware and home furnishing stores grew about 9 per cent, according to Euromonitor. To satisfy the Indian penchant for ready-made furniture, IKEA has set up a 150 member task force to help customers assemble furniture and is also partnering with UrbanClap, an app that connects people with a variety of service providers, including carpenters. The 4,00,000 square feet (37,160 square metre) store in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad will offer 1,000 products including cutlery, stuffed toys, hangers and container boxes priced under 200 Indian rupees (USD 2.“It would be interesting to see how IKEA does justice to its vision of ‘furniture for all’,” she said.Namaste!IKEA’s debut in India has been a long time coming.91) - cheaper than in most countries.

The company, which has flagged import duties in India as a big challenge as it tries to keep prices low, has to source at least 30 per cent of its raw materials locally within five years of operations in the country as per Indian regulation.The Swedish furniture retailer is pushing into new countries in South America and Asia as growth slows in its traditional strongholds, including Europe.Hyderabad: IKEA will do things differently in India after it opens its first store in the nation on Thursday, as it deals with higher taxes on imported goods and looks to woo cost-conscious shoppers unaccustomed to the company’s DIY furniture assembly style. IKEA already sources about a fifth of its global supplies from India. It is betting on India with its growing middle class, likely aiming to avoid a repeat of the high pricing that initially hit sales in China and Australia.Nevertheless, IKEA still needed to tweak its playbook. In comparison, TaskRabbit, the services platform acquired by IKEA in 2017, charges US shoppers a minimum of USD 36 for any installation job.“IKEA seems to have managed to understand the Indian consumer and price its products accordingly,” said Sowmya Adiraju, an analyst at research firm Euromonitor International.Meanwhile, competition for IKEA in the country has increased as online furniture startups such as Pepperfry and UrbanLadder have become popular in large cities.A quick check on IKEA’s newly launched India website showed popular products looked cheaper than in the United States.

In June, the company said it was likely to open more stores, possibly some smaller wholesale velvet manufacturer stores in cities to complement their typically larger showrooms in suburbs. For instance, in India, the white variation of the company’s best-selling Billy bookcase is cheaper by a fifth than in the United States and the dark-grey Ektorp sofa is priced 30 per cent lower. But she added that the target audience for many IKEA products right now, especially for big-ticket items, seemed to be the wealthier end of middle class.Retail sales at IKEA Group’s company-owned stores increased by 4 per cent last year. The company hit snags a few years ago after the government rejected its request to relax rules on buying goods locally.The company has bought land in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurugram, and is also looking to expand into Surat, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Pune

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